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Garon Kent Campbell


“Looking at the world from someone else’s point of view is my drive to getting up in the morning. Each time that camera looks out at the world I’m in your shoes looking through your eyes at your business. In doing so I’m understanding a whole new dimension to life every single day.”

Performance director, amazing director, creative director


Raised by films and understanding Steven Spielberg to be his mentor at age 9 after witnessing ET for the 11th time that year, Garon quickly understood one thing and one thing only. The ability to draw in an audience and make them see something you alone have conceptualised is more rewarding than sitting in front of the TV watching someone else do the same.

Picking up a camera a few years later he soon realised that by creating something, well anything really, he could get people to sit down in a room and all look at the box ahead. Not much has changed except he no longer uses his moms VHS camcorder and maybe his ideas are slightly better.

Garon_Campbell_left_and_Ben_Arredondo_NYC_Picturestart_Film_festival_Director__large Performance director, amazing director, creative director


Graduating his honours year having directed a powerful 26 min short film, Umkhumbi Wethu, Garon managed to pick up several awards very quickly with this Zulu film about a South African trolley pusher living on the streets trying to make enough money just to keep his son in school. The film has since won a SAFTA for Best Student Film before it traveled the globe winning countless awards including Best Short Film at the Action/Cut film festival in L.A, Jury Awards in Seattle, Honorable mentions in Hollywood and most recently the awards for Best Director and Best Actor at the NYC Picture Start Film Festival.

It soon became apparent that Garon not only had a skill for narrative filmmaking but proved he had the brasso’s for the opposite end of the spectrum when he won a Loerie for the Ster Kinekor commercial he directed, ‘The World Bullies You When You Can’t See’. For this 30 second beauty he was selected as a finalist for the Young Directors Award in Cannes, 2011.