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Discovery our services, your gateway to a world of comprehensive solutions provided by a single, versatile partner. Embracing a full-service approach, we bring you the advantages of a unified team that can seamlessly handle every aspect of your project. From dynamic videography that captures your vision to creative animations that spark life into your ideas, we’ve got you covered. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we’re not just a vendor; we’re your partner in turning concepts into captivating visual experiences. Explore the benefits of a holistic approach as we bring your ideas to life under one roof.

Virtual Production

We're at the forefront of innovation, using transformative technology in video production. With Unreal Engine's open-source software, we're bringing Virtual Production to South Africa. Our specialty is creating dynamic stage setups for virtual events and music videos using advanced methods.

Tv Adverts

Looking for a strategic campaign and some kickass ads but think it will cost you millions? We can produce affordable cutting edge strategic commercials to place your business exactly where you need it to be.

Motion Graphics
and Animation

From 2D explainers to intricate 3D animations, our team seamlessly crafts mesmerising motion art. Collaborating across animators, designers, and our creative director, we deliver precision and artistry in every piece. Whether a short social post or extensive character-enriched training video, our commitment remains unparalleled.

Online adverts

In an era where social media consumes a major chunk of our days, it's no secret that video content reigns supreme, leaving static posts in the shadows when it comes to engagement.

Concepts, Scripts and Directing

A project lacks value as mere decoration without substance. We emphasise strong concepts. Our team collaborates to align services with your objectives under the creative director's guidance.

Editing and Post Production

Ever wondered how much influence editors wield? They're the unsung heroes, the second directors of a film. They dive into the footage, meticulously selecting shots, orchestrating the pacing, and weaving purposeful transitions that tie everything together. Step into our fully-equipped post-production suite, where the magic happens.

Drone filming

We're licensed drone operators delivering epic footage, directed and shot with filmic composition and insight. Our crew revels in adventure - no scaffolding too high or location too remote.

time-lapse videos

When you're embarking on a months-long project and aiming for an awe-inspiring summary of the entire journey, time-lapse video's are a great solution. Our fearless team thrives even in the most remote or elevated settings. This choice holds a special place among our esteemed mining and construction clientele.

Event videos

Looking for a skilled cameramen to capture your event in all its glory? Searching for experts to film and craft an engaging event synopsis video? Seeking a proficient event show caller to orchestrate the proceedings seamlessly? Maybe you're after captivating opening or closing videos? Look no further.

Corporate videos

Every video is a story. Let us use our services and skills as award winning storytellers to inspire your team, your company and your target market. From cinemagraphs or quick 5 sec videos to infographic explainers we can strategically help you bring awareness to your brand through social media platforms.

Video production company

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